We have a limited supply of Tendril™ Vet (NOT FOR HUMAN USE) currently available, please email us at media@seedbiotech.com with any inquiries. Tendril™ Surgical and Tendril™ Wound (patent pending) are coming soon.

Tendril™ is a room temperature stable graft derived from equine placental tissue. Post-decellularization & stabilization, Tendril™ is packaged in a double pouch packaging system and subjected to low dose gamma irradiation. 

Tendril™ is configured as a precision cut single layer of amnion shaped as an ellipse or disc. The configuration was selected and designed to maximize clinical usable surface area and limit necessary pre-operative manipulation of the graft. Seed Biotech, Inc. has shown a greater than 95% reduction in DNA using their proprietary decellularization process. As a single layer of amnion, it is not necessary to emboss Tendril™ as there is no side-specific orientation to the graft. 

Tendril™ is also available in a particulate form. Tendril™ has a packaged product configuration that provides for easy rehydraton and administration of the acellular equine placental particulate. To preserve sterility, usable product volume, and for convenience, we load directly into a leur lock compatible syringe (3ml or 5ml volume) prior to packaging it in our double soft pouch system. This configuration reduces preparation time and product loss or contamination during preparation. By attaching any sterile leur lock  needle, sterile saline can be drawn into the syringe to rehydrate the product. Post rehydration the needle can be disconnected and safely disposed of and the product can be directly administered to the surgical site or delivered via a canula by extrusion through the open leur lock bore.

In contrast to currently commercially available micronized placental products, Tendril™ is acellular and comprised of  particles over 250 microns. The Tendril™ design requirements were established to reduce exposed collagen fracture surface area and maximize durability (molecular weight) of the particles. These design requirements were established to reduce risks of exacerbated inflammation due to the introduction of fractured ECM to the site and potential for rapid resorption of the product.


This graft can be used in a variety of orthopedic, surgical, ophthalmology, spinal and wound covering applications. Tendril™ is NOT APPROVED FOR HUMAN USE. For specific instructions on the use and risks of Tendril™ products please refer to the product insert instructions for use for information.

Clinical Advantage Overview:

Tendril™ offers the clinical advantages of being an acellular precision cut graft designed and produced under industry expert guidance for optimal safety, efficacy, and clinical practicality.