Seed Biotech, Inc., a Texas Corporation, is a biological material derived product manufacturer with core operations based in Dallas, Texas.

Seed Biotech® was created for the purpose of pioneering advanced research, development, production, distribution, and effective use of intelligently designed biological material based products. Process and product designs encompass defined competitive advantage features through the use and integration of numerous core system technologies.

Seed Biotech uses precise methods and measurable results to create better biologics. Seed Biotech's products are processed to provide safe, consistent and effective solutions for clinicians and patients.

Seed Biotech has licensing rights of proprietary process technologies that optimize the multi-step process of procurement, decellularization and preservation of biological materials. These technologies are the basis for the Company's product portfolio and OEM manufacturing developed under the guidance of knowledgeable, industry experienced individuals to offer products with unparalleled benefit potential and safety confidence.

Our products:

What makes us different?

Consistent with our mission to prioritize clinical convenience, practicality, and effectiveness, there were numerous considerations incorporated into the design of our product lines. From the packaging it is stored in, to the shape it is configured in, it all relates to optimizing its suitability for use and potential for clinical benefit. But, FIRST AND FOREMOST, our products were developed with design requirements for safety, and products provided are verified to satisfy these requirements.